Borderless Trading Limited

Borderless Trading Limited, Registered and founded in April 2006 and existing under the laws of The Turks and Caicos Islands, was established as the investment vehicle for a global structure spanning over three continents which includes Europe, Africa and Asia. The company's head office is located in Hong Kong, while its administration head office is in Malta.

Borderless Trading Limited has established the following Borderless Footprint and Brand around the World:

  • Borderless Trading Malta Limited
  • Borderless Trading Europe Limited
  • Borderless Africa Limited
  • Borderless South Africa Pty Ltd
  • Borderless Zimbabwe Holdings (Private) Limited
  • Borderless Petroleum Limited
  • Borderless Trading Limited Dubai
  • Borderless Representative offices - London and Moscow

The company is currently expanding its operations to include the following countries under its corporate umbrella:

  • Zambia - Lusaka
  • Sierra Leone - Freetown
  • Mozambique - Phemba

The management of Borderless Trading knows no borders and no limits and their intension is to open offices in as many countries as possible around the world.

Our Core Business includes:
  • Mining
  • Commodity Trade
  • Precious metal Trade
  • Diamonds and Gemstones
  • Investment
  • Finance Brokering Services
  • Manufacturing and Production
  • Import and Export
  • Energy and Resources

The company is driven by creativity, innovation and initiative and invests not only in traditional projects and ventures but also in emerging markets and business opportunities with risks that require vision, dedication and hard work to ensure high return on investment and sustainable and constant growth of business.

Borderless Trading Limited has an ethos of ethical approach to business, - and pride itself for having a high standard of moral obligations. The company's goals is to add value and make a difference in under developed countries and emerging countries by providing employment opportunities, transfer of knowledge and improving the standard of living of the people of these countries. Not only is the focus on making profits, but also on improving the lives of ordinary people, and ensuring that the Borderless footprints and brand will create a legacy of excellence.

Our Mission

To contribute to the growth of Africa on the economic world stage and expand business interests and partnerships with national Governments to efficiently exploit and own specific natural resources; concessions with proven reserves and high profit margins. Identifying and investment in viable business opportunities to create value; and obtain high return on investment for shareholders, building the brand and establish businesses with our own unique stamp of innovative ideas. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

Our Vision

To build a strong foundation of excellence and innovation; coupled with strong business relationships with strategic partners, shareholders, employees and the communities around us to create a ripple effect of positive impact around the globe.

Our Values


It is imperative to us that stakeholders perceive Borderless Trading Limited; and all its partners as fair, responsible and honest at all times.


We will always respect the needs, aspirations and demands of our stakeholders irrespective of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.


We are committed to exceptional standards of performance, efficiency and uncompromising quality. Therefore, we not only ensure that the products and services we supply conforms to our customers' quality standards, but also exceed their expectations.


We will ensure that all laws regulating our endeavors are strictly upheld and we make sure we adhere to all legal requirements.

Social responsibility

We have a responsibility to protect our environment and enrich the lives of people. As such we strive to contribute within our means towards social responsibility initiatives.

Continuous Improvement

We are continually looking for ways to improve our methods, think outside the box, be innovative in all strategies and poineers in the industry. This can be achieved by sourcing unconventional investment opportunities, in order to achieve exceptional results.

Borderless Trading Limited burst out of its seams, and we are proud of our accomplishments of the last few years. Since the formation of Borderless Trading Limited in 2006, our humble beginnings flourished and grew to an International Organisation and Brand.

Borderless Trading Limited is present with its own offices in Johannesburg, Harare, Lusaka, Lagos, Freetown, Kampala, London, Skopje, Moscow and Dubai.