In association with its partners, Borderless Africa holds exclusive rights on the extraction and export of gold from a mine in Zambia that at current production levels is capable of producing 50 kilograms of pure gold a month. Borderless Zimbabwe (a subsidiary of Borderless Africa) is also in the process of acquiring a mine in Zimbabwe which its current production level is of seven kilograms of gold a month but undergoing an investment programme to bring it up to 50 kilograms a month by Q2-14 In addition Borderless Africa, through its various representative offices, has a fully-fledged buying capabilities in partnership and in association with several indigenous and artisanal mining operations in Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


Together with its partners Borderless Trading has access to a concession in the Republic of Sierra Leone endowed with rough diamonds from an alluvial source as well as in near-shore marine sediments. The mine is currently in its exploratory phase but its produce has been exported under the Kimberley process and has been rated highly by potential buyers in Antwerp, London and Tel Aviv.
Once the investment in equipment for alluvial and near-shore extraction is completed, the mine promises a consistent supply of high quality rough diamonds. In collaboration with its partners, Borderless Trading is also active in polishing the larger stones. The finished products is traded on the market either directly or through its well-established subsidiary operating in the manufacturing of jewellery works located in Macedonia.