Borderless Trading Limited Dubai

Joining the Borderless Family is Borderless Trading Dubai, upon its registration in July 2013. The main focus of this company will be to introduce investors to exciting projects around the world. Building the relationship bridges between global investors and developing African countries, this venture will deliver exclusive opportunities and projects which are usually difficult to access on the African continent. We do not limit ourselves to only African countries, but source exclusive opportunities all over the world for investors to experience.

Our Projects Include:
  • Mining
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Building Projects
  • Property and Land
  • Business Acquisitions or Mergers
  • Joint Venture Opportunities
  • Banking

Borderless Trading Dubai Limited plays an important role in promoting investment opportunities to investors through expert financial engineering, sourcing of business and project opportunities and provides investors with a diverse scope of national and international investment opportunities and facilitates those investments by providing services that target investment needs and exceed expectations.

Apart from providing a service to our investors, the company also assist clients seeking investment in their vision. Our clients include International Government Institutions, major infrastructure and development companies, as well as banking institutions and International corporations. Borderless Trading Dubai Limited also focus on the emerging businesses and projects from private companies and individuals that has the potential to grow into empires.

We have a passion for what we do, and we believe in that every business or project starts with an idea. We will assist our clients in turning the concept and idea into reality by sourcing the right funding for their needs. This gives us the opportunity to build exclusive relationships with our investors and funders to ensure return on investment and growth of business.